Working in a design industry we noticed a fact that by no means all can afford them designing service, nor they need the “full scale” project. For being the beauty campaigners and having gained a broad experience in functional and good looking spaces development, we have created an easily accessible and beneficial service known as Doctor Interior. This service was developed to improve one’s living space.
Why does it called Dr. Interior? Likewise the family doctor appointment, it is highly important to make an accurate diagnosis and only if it’s needed! to prescribe a treatment.
The majority of people live in their houses and often do not notice any deficiencies or just get used to inconvenience for the time being.  This could be an inappropriate color scheme, erroneously chosen element of decoration, abnormal kitchen space planning, light is too dim or too bright…lasting mess occurs 10 minutes after you’ve done the cleaning…
Adjusted by our Dr. Interior will drastically improve your time being at home, therefore your attitude and the quality of life.
How does “doctor of interior” appointment proceed”
1 In-home meeting
2 Current situation analyses
3 Affordable ways of current situation improvement proposition 
4 Practical suggestions on how to keep your house in order.  
5 Color + light consultation
6 Trusted contacts of specialists who will save your time and opportunity to avoid financial pitfalls searching for contractors   
7 Discount on home decoration materials
The fresh look of “Dr. Interior” binds you to nothing: you don’t have to place a work order, nor have to purchase high priced furniture or to pay for designing service in search of inspiration. By following our guidelines you could improve your interior on your own for a reasonable cost. Very often the only you need is to recolor the wall, or to get well-matched furniture from IKEA, or to print out the painting of proper size, or simply to change around in order to improve your “indispose”  interior notably.
​Contact youк Dr. interior – let your home be healthy!
First doctor's appointment 249 199 CAD
next appointments (if it necessary) 199 149 CAD 
You can order a gift certificate from “Dr. Interior” which might be a good present for your significant ones.