We are convinced that Professional services come with a price and that free designer consultation is never complimentary ...

or of high-quality ...

Therefore, we have come up with something more valuable and useful for you: an invitation to Tursunov's Friends Club where you will receive a special coupon. This offer will definitely be of most value and far better than any "complimentary design consultation"

Receive a coupon that may be useful for you and receive a bonus discount on a product or service from our friends.

Here you will find only those suppliers who have established themselves as conscientious, honest and reliable partners.

New Kitchen Cabinets  

New Closet

Sliding doors

Painting services

Flooring services 


Tile installation


General contractor

Given the busy schedules of our partners, we recommend that you visit them early.

An additional perk of joining our Friend Club is that you will also be given the gift of time, as we make you our priority.